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Solutions to optimize your production in real-time

Digital workflows to increase flexibility for Assembly, Machine operation, Quality control, Material management, Digital Andon and Worker assisstance.

Coordinate machine operators to improve your OEE

Are you still using outdated technologies to alert your workers? Signal lights or centralized boards are an inefficient way to indicate machine interruptions. By using smart devices, workers can be notified about machine status changes immediately. This allows quick reactions and reduces machine downtimes significantly. With personalized workflows, workers receive only alarms which are relevant for them. This speeds up task execution and ultimately leads to a higher OEE.
Digital tools for efficient
Machine operation
machine alarms
speed up machine change overs

Reduce quality costs with digital workflows

Improve your quality assurance routines to reduce rework and improve yield rates.
Provide your workers with step-by-step instructions for an error-proof production process.
Let your workforce report realtime fault notifications to Quality Management. Document all incidents on-site by using audio, pictures or videos for future reference.
Digital tools for improved
Quality control

Increase throughput with connected assembly workers

Coordinate assembly processes in real-time
Leverage fully digital standardized work instructions
Use real-time data for continuous improvements
Digital tools for efficient
Assembly processes
improve machine operation
speed up machine change overs

Shorten waiting times with digital Andon

Faster response times in case of incdents
No more multiple people going after the same issue
Increase process transparency
Digital Andon for reduced waiting times

Improve material management with digital workflows

Coordinate material management processes in real-time
Reduce WIP
Improve the replenishment process
Digital tools for efficient
Material management
improve machine operation
speed up machine change overs

Implement standard work to assist your operators

Ensure things are done right every time
Ensure quality with standardized operational procedures
Easily identify most common defects
Digital work instructions to assist your operators

Make your production fully flexible and empower your people

Industrial leaders use the WORKERBASE solution to adapt their production in real-time by connecting factory workers and machines into one digital environment.

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